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AlphaGo Zero

Something amazing has happened. A couple of years ago, we closely followed the progress of AlphaGo, the distributed DeepMind algorithm which defeated Lee Sedol in four out of five games of the ancient board game Go. This has since been … Continue reading

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Undecidability of contractibility

In the last post, we discussed Voevodsky’s homotopy type theory. One of the important notions is whether a space is contractible, this being the base case for the inductive definition of homotopy levels. It turns out that the algorithmic undecidability … Continue reading

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Homotopy Type Theory

2017 has been an unfortunate year for Fields medallists. Maryam Mirzakhani, who won the Fields medal in 2014, passed away at the untimely age of 40. Two days ago, she was joined by Vladimir Voevodsky, 2002 Fields medallist, who was … Continue reading

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