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Assorted news

This last week has been very exciting. On Thursday, I gave a talk in absentia at the 13th Gathering for Gardner on the topic of artificial life (thanks go to Dave Greene and Tom Rokicki for playing the slides and … Continue reading

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Cubical Type Theory

Previously, we discussed Homotopy Type Theory, which is an alternative foundation of mathematics with several advantages over ZFC, mainly for computer-assisted proofs. It is based on Martin-Löf’s intuitionistic type theory, but with the idea that types are spaces, terms are … Continue reading

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Tim Hutton recently presented me with a marvellous 3D-printed-graphite set of triakis truncated tetrahedra. These have a natural interpretation as the Voronoi cells of a diamond: the shapes that would form if you gradually enlarged the atoms until they tessellate … Continue reading

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