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Aperiodic monotile

David Smith, Joseph Myers, Craig Kaplan, and Chaim Goodman-Strauss have discovered an aperiodic monotile: a polygon that tiles the plane by rotations and reflections, but cannot tile the plane periodically. Any tiling induced by the monotile is scalemic: the majority … Continue reading

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The Osmiumlocks Prime

A couple of years ago I described a prime p which possesses various properties that renders it useful for computing number-theoretic transforms over the field . Specifically, we have: where the first of these equalities uses the identity that: where rad(k) … Continue reading

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Searching for optimal Boolean chains

I gave a half-hour talk on Tuesday about the project to search for optimal Boolean chains for all equivalence classes of 5-input 1-output and 4-input 2-output functions. The talk was not recorded, but the slides and transcript are included here … Continue reading

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