On the 2nd April 2014, Maria Holdcroft (from the 2013 EGMO team) and I completed a charity skydive to raise money for the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Between us, we raised a total of £1159.16 from many generous people, which will save over 2300 people in Ethiopia from parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis, tapeworm and ringworm.

You may want to watch the video of my freefall, which was arranged to the somewhat epic tune of Supermassive Black Hole by the North London Skydiving Centre. Unfortunately, Maria didn’t elect to have her skydive recorded; we do, however, have proof in the form of certificates.

For posterity, you may also want to view the Facebook event page.


Our deepest thanks go to the munificence of all those who donated to the campaign, namely Oliver Feng, Alex Chamolly, Dan Safka, Omer Tastemur, Alan Gerrard, Maria Tang, Tim Hele, Sreya Saha, Mehr Nigar, Joel Wales, Ella Letort and her mother, Ramsay Pyper, Matei Mandache, Zena Goucher, James Brown, James Robbs, Roisin Hannon, Gabriel Gendler, Dave Roberts, James Aaronson, Lauren Burdett, Alex Hartley, Aidan Wales, Victoria Waddoups, Linden Ralph, Sarah Parker, Katrina Yavash, Cameron Ford, Eleanor Upchurch, Louise Bratchie, Miriam Shovel, Aled Walker, Holly Wales, Jodie Matthews, Alycia Deschanel, Seema Syeda, Vladimir Vankov, Karan Singha, Shiluka Dias, Louise Beach, Jeremy Bernstein, Barney Plummer, Josh Lam, George Lee, Radley Cunliffe, Jayne Marshall, Keeley Woodward, Rosalyn Davey, Jennie Han, Emily Holmes, Dr Joseph Myers, Chris Halcrow, Dr Geoff Smith MBE, Maureen Wright, Jamie Voros, Tim Large, Dabin Kwon, Gunnar Peng, James Fage, Hesham Mashhour, Rowland Carter, Jessica Glynn, Quincy Kaka, Stefan Broadhead, Edward Godfrey, Peter Goucher, Emily Bain, Richard Stoker, Dr Paul Russell, Professor Imre Leader, Dr Gerry Leversha, Richard Freeland, Lex Betts, Stuart Gascoigne, Alex Bellos, Conor McIndoe, Ryan Wilson, Sahl Khan, William Gao, Tania Clarke, Connor Merrifield, Tim Hubener, Ian Thorp, Martin Chan, Maria Holdcroft et al. You’re all absolutely brilliant people; thank you so much!

Update: We’ve posted the cheque and letter to the SCI, and are awaiting a response. The other £15.16 (e^e rounded up to the nearest penny!) was sent separately by Joseph Myers.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

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