Here are my publications in reverse chronological order:


  • A. P. Goucher, Mathematical Olympiad Dark Arts (draft)
  • A. P. Goucher and W. R. Buckley, On Efficient Machine Self-Replication


  • R. Houston, A. P. Goucher, and N. Johnston, A New Formula for the Determinant and Bounds on its Tensor and Waring Ranks (arXiv)


  • A. P. Goucher and T. Kania, Invariant means on Abelian groups capture complementability of Banach spaces in their second duals (arXiv)
  • A. P. Goucher and R. Troll, Differentiable Random Access Memory using Lattices (arXiv)


  • A. P. Goucher, Topological and geometric inference of data (PhD thesis)


  • A. P. Goucher, Gliders in Cellular Automata on Penrose Tilings (PDF)


  • A. P. Goucher, IMO 2011 — A student’s report (PDF)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    on page ocho of your unnecessarily overly verbose student report you mention “imo 2011 stationary”


    • apgoucher says:

      Correct. If you hadn’t realised, the rulers and pencils don’t move…

      That error was detected quite some time ago, along with the unfortunate one in the name of a particular Indian restaurant.

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