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Ménage primes

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences has recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, amassed over 250 000 sequences of varying importance, and heralded the 75th birthday of its creator Neil Sloane. It is somewhat surprising, therefore, that no-one appears to have … Continue reading

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Random circular mazes

In 1995, William Jockush, Peter Shor and James Propp published the statement and proof of the celebrated Arctic Circle Theorem. This roughly states that if you choose a random domino tiling of an Aztec diamond (a particular family of polyominoes), … Continue reading

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Cipher 71: Monoalphabetic II

As promised, the fourth season of cp4space ciphers has now commenced. Here’s a monoalphabetic substitution cipher with a nine-letter plaintext containing a man’s name. The password for the solvers’ area is the person who killed that man, entirely in lowercase: F B’ … Continue reading

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