IB revision

Here is an aperiodically-updated source of revision sheets for Part IB of the Mathematical Tripos. The same principles apply as in IA revision.

Groups, Rings and Modules

Linear Algebra

Unofficial lecture notes (by Alex Chan) for Linear Algebra are available here.

Analysis II/Met ‘n’ Top

Official lecture notes (by T. W. Körner) for Metric and Topological Spaces are available here. Unofficial lecture notes (by Christopher Williams) for Analysis II are available here.

Complex Analysis

Official lecture notes (by Keith Carne) are available here.

IB Geometry

Variational Principles

Lecture notes for a similar course (Calculus of Variations) at Edinburgh are available here.


Official lecture notes (by Richard Jozsa) are available h e r e (each letter links to one of four separate PDF files).

Quantum Mechanics


Fluid Dynamics

The course has changed somewhat. I recommend reading Grae Worster’s Understanding Fluid Flow to supplement Michael McIntyre’s lecture notes.

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