The usual protocol for commenting on this website is to use the ‘comment’ feature. However, I can understand that there are occasions when this is inappropriate. In these instances, it is thus preferable to e-mail me directly.

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  6. notatab says:

    Dear CP^4,

    Three cheers for a delightful blog! Any plans to write about the Leech lattice? It’s a frightfully interesting beast.

    • apgoucher says:

      Thank you! I’ve certainly mentioned it a couple of times (the most recent being a parenthetical statement in the article about the stella octangula), but I agree that it deserves a more thorough treatment.

      Exceptional objects tend to cluster together, so (for example) it’s difficult to mention the Leech lattice without being sidetracked by the Golay code, sporadic groups and the E8 lattice. I’m also planning to write about the Miracle Octad Generator, but I have that lined up for the 26th September (to coincide with the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls, with which it shares an acronym).

  7. Hue Sang Lai says:

    Hi CP^4,

    Wonderful blog! I was wondering how I could access the Cambridge Preparation page – I do not have the password required – who is eligible for that? I’m a fresher this year at St John’s.


  8. Colin Tan says:

    For your dark arts chapter on inequalities, would you like to include the Cauchy inequality? I’m interested to see where the Cauchy inequality lies in your poset of implications on page 71.

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  10. Alexey Nigin says:

    Could you check your Skype, please?

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