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Liquid mirror telescopes

Breaking news: Following the selection process at Oundle, the UK IMO team has now been selected. It comprises Gabriel Gendler, Frank Han, Freddie Illingworth, Warren Li, Harvey Yau and Joe Benton. It is very worrying that two of these people belonged to … Continue reading

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Meteor shower

Here’s a metaphorical meteor shower of recent news worth mentioning: The meteor shower associated with the debris of the 209P/LINEAR comet peaked in intensity last night. Apparently it wasn’t as impressive as anticipated. Alexey Nigin has discovered a 12-face golyhedron. … Continue reading

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Cipher 68: Conjugation

I have become aware of several brute-force dictionary attacks on cp4space password-protected areas. As such, this password will most certainly not be in the dictionary, and thus a brute force search would require testing 8 031 810 176 different lower-case … Continue reading

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Cipher 67: Dyslexic philosopher

This multi-stage cipher was considerably difficult to design; indeed, the encrypted message had several fortunate properties. Anyway, firstly we have a bunch of crossword-style clues: Secondly, here is a grid of digits: And here is the third and final stage: sqrt(N) … Continue reading

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Golyhedron update

Alexey Nigin has discovered a 15-face golyhedron, a vast improvement on my 32-face example. The optimisation was effected by the idea to only have a single club foot, and merely truncate the other end.   The smallest golyhedron therefore has … Continue reading

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Noughts and Crosses

Firstly, the results for the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad have been published. Consequently, the preliminary UK IMO squad is now larger than ever before, comprising ten people (six team members and four reserves, in some indeterminate order). You are probably aware of … Continue reading

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