Cipher 67: Dyslexic philosopher

This multi-stage cipher was considerably difficult to design; indeed, the encrypted message had several fortunate properties. Anyway, firstly we have a bunch of crossword-style clues:

Secondly, here is a grid of digits:


And here is the third and final stage:

sqrt(N) - 200616142791693995765451

You should now have sufficient information to determine the password, which is in lower-case. A link to the solvers’ area is available in the usual place.

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5 Responses to Cipher 67: Dyslexic philosopher

  1. The output of the third step is just a number. There isn’t any obvious direct transformation of it into text, and it’s not a number I recognize as having a name of its own. It doesn’t occur within the grid from step 2 either. Gur ahzore ybbxf yvxr vg *zvtug* rapbqr cneg bs n frdhrapr naq nfx sbe gur arkg grez, ohg vg’f abg bar va BRVF naq zl ehqvzragnel nggrzcgf ng pheir svggvat tvir ab zrnavatshy-ybbxvat arkg grez. How is it “sufficient information to determine the password”, then? Is there some step I’m missing?

  2. Richard Freeland says:

    There are lots of things you can do with numbers: base 36, 26…, or Hebrew gematria spring to mind. As ciiphers go, this one is tricky but not too bad.

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