Complex projective 4-space, in mathematical terms, is a set of points described by a 5-tuple of complex numbers (v,w,x,y,z), where scalar multiples are considered equivalent. It is a geometry far more elaborate than our own boring, bog-standard, vanilla, common or garden, three-dimensional Euclidean geometry.

Informally, however, ‘complex projective 4-space’ was used in a joint Anglo-Hungarian IMO training camp to refer to a mythical world inhabited by unimaginable beasts. On reflection, these ideas are more similar than one might imagine: complex projective 4-space is indeed inhabited by such impossible-to-visualise objects as quintic threefolds.

Hence, it seemed like a reasonable title for a blog concerned with interesting aspects of mathematics. Without the ability to see into the future, I cannot anticipate what will come of this blog. It may stagnate, flourish or attract so much criticism that I am promptly assassinated.

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  1. song1729 says:

    Awesome Adam P Goucher. I am trying to start my own website (less advanced then yours) mathsolympian.wordpress.com, focusing on techniques needed for senior international olympiad competitions, especially geometry. I am in Year 8. Please give tips on how to develop my website.

  2. rick says:

    Very good but too much at once.
    I have an interesting take on geometry and Primes on my web site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    … whoa.

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