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Tweetable architecture

Quite probably the most world-renowned architect of the 21st century, Zaha Hadid, has been recently commissioned to design a new fluid dynamics exhibition in the London Science Museum. It will certainly add much more depth than its current collection of … Continue reading

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Golyhedron update

Alexey Nigin has discovered a 15-face golyhedron, a vast improvement on my 32-face example. The optimisation was effected by the idea to only have a single club foot, and merely truncate the other end.   The smallest golyhedron therefore has … Continue reading

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Cipher 50: Non-trivial evasion

You may have wondered why the last few ciphers have been erratic. The answer is so that the 50th cipher will land exactly on Professor Imre Leader‘s 50th birthday, which was celebrated 14 hours ago. One of the main components … Continue reading

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Gingerbread men

A few days ago, I mentioned how cp4space was being advertised at the Balliol maths camp. What I didn’t realise was that some of the EGMO veterans running sessions at the camp decided to make confectionery to celebrate the cp4space anniversary! Firstly, we … Continue reading

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Integral banana

I have received numerous complaints (from the same person) that some of the content on cp4space is completely ridiculous. Of course, posting more serious mathematics would not solve the issue, since it would not alter the fact that, on cp4space, … Continue reading

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TREE(3) and impartial games

This article was originally supposed to be about TREE(3) and the busy beaver function. However, I realised the potential of turning TREE(3) into a two-player finite game, which is surprisingly fun and means that I’ve ended up leaving uncomputable functions until a later post. … Continue reading

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Activities with golden rhombi

For this post, I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of the usual mathematical monologue, this is a more of a hands-on activity. It is centred around the golden rhombus, which is so named because the ratio of the diagonals is … Continue reading

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