Searching for optimal Boolean chains

I gave a half-hour talk on Tuesday about the project to search for optimal Boolean chains for all equivalence classes of 5-input 1-output and 4-input 2-output functions. The talk was not recorded, but the slides and transcript are included here for posterity. Some of the ideas in the talk haven’t been previously published, although it does follow a similar methodology to that which we introduced in a previous post.

The transcript is designed to be readable in a standalone fashion, so it incorporates both the spoken parts (in pale-yellow blocks) and the contents of the slides themselves. Both the transcript and slides were compiled from a single source file using an ad hoc build system, which preprocesses the source file into multiple separate LaTeX files which are compiled in parallel:

The build system also supports inline code in either Python or Wolfram Mathematica for drawing images, which is often more concise and expressive than drawing graphics using LaTeX’s native TikZ package. (It’s implemented using LaTeX’s immediate write18 commands, but with hash-based caching so that graphics are only regenerated if that part of the source file changes.)

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