Cipher 3: Chess cipher

Don’t forget that the MathsJam is today, held throughout the country and indeed the world.

It is suprising that no-one has yet solved the maze cipher, and only one person has managed to assemble and decipher the Jigcypher. Perhaps I should give a clue to solving the maze cipher: the shortest route gives the desired sequence of ciphertext. I know that at least one of you had already figured that out.

Nevertheless, we have reached Cipher Tuesday yet again, and thus I am compelled to upload the image that is the third CP4space cipher challenge.

Click to enlarge

Good luck, and enjoy!

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  5. Scott W says:

    Ok, this one is driving me nuts. Here’s what I think is going on (rot13 to avoid spoilers). Can you confirm that this is correct and/or give me a hint? Thanks!

    1) Xavtugf fubj gur qverpgvba gb ernq gur yvar
    2) Abg n fvzcyr zbabyvgreny zbabnycunorgvp pvcure.
    3) Bqq ahzorerq yratguf fhttrfg abg ovyvgreny rvgure, ohg vg vf fbzr xvaq bs zhygvyvgreny pvcure
    4) V qba’g guvax gurer ner nal ahyy punenpgref.

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