BMO2 marked

A group* of twelve of us congregated in London to mark† the second round of the British Mathematical Olympiad. After several hours of marking, punctuated with a surprisingly high-quality lunch, we were able to announce the scores. The high scores are available on the BMOC website; well done to everyone who featured!

Additionally, we had the equally difficult task of deciding between many extremely competent mathematicians to select the teams for the Romanian Masters of Mathematics and the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad. I wish the best of luck to the new teams in these forthcoming international competitions.

Footnotes (mainly for the pedantic reader)

* Precisely half of us commuted together on the Cambridge-to-London train. The rest, however, did not, so we can’t claim to be Abelian.

† Upon re-reading this, I realise that the word ‘mark’ in this context is semantically ambiguous and could be interpreted as ‘commemorate’. I shall clarify that in this case, ‘marking’ refers to the practice of scrutinising submissions, evaluating them and assigning numerical scores based on the validity of the proofs.

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  1. Joseph Myers says:

    Have you had any luck finding a 3D printer and building egmohedra for EGMO 2013?

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