Orchestral biography of Turing

Whilst submerged beneath several blankets in my morning hypnopompia, I was awakened by the Today programme on Radio 4. Specifically, I heard news that the Pet Shop Boys are due to perform an orchestral biography of the mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing at the BBC Proms.

Being a massive fan of both Alan Turing and the Pet Shop Boys (I should have been born two decades earlier), I decided to relieve the Aperiodical of reporting another story about Alan Turing by instead mentioning it here.

Based on what I gathered from listening to the radio whilst half-asleep, the composition is inspired by sections of Andrew Hodges’ autobiography Alan Turing: The Enigma. I seem to recall that this included the Pet Shop Boys singing ‘in Cambridge’ (to the tune of their earlier single, In Suburbia) and ‘universal machine’ amongst other lyrics.

Apparently the Proms will begin on the 18th July in the Royal Albert Hall, so ensure you tune in for the Turing opus.

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