Olympiad news

I’d like to open with congratulations to the talented students who made the leaderboard in the second round of the British Mathematical Olympiad. Some highlights worth mentioning:

  • Three of the four team members for the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad made the top 10 in the leaderboard, which I think is record-breakingly high. This bodes very well for the competition taking place in Florence this April. Good luck to Emily, Alevtina, Naomi and Melissa!
  • Joseph Myers has made an eighth release of his open-source software for organising mathematical olympiads, as used in the EGMO.
  • Congratulations to Agnijo Banerjee, Nathan Creighton and Harvey Yau on their double-perfect-scores in the BMO, and best of luck in the forthcoming Romanian Master of Mathematics competition.

Weird Maths, by Agnijo Banerjee and David Darling

I thought I should mention that the aforementioned Agnijo Banerjee, who is amongst the readership of Complex Projective 4-Space, recently coauthored a book about some of the more bizarre and pathological aspects of mathematics. I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but waited until it was launched at the beginning of this month. If you’re interested in this excellent book, which you should be, then download the trailer (PDF) or visit the website.

The other author, David Darling, is a prolific science writer who was apparently born in the same county as I was.

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  1. Dan says:

    Yes, good luck all privately-educated children.

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