We’re quickly approaching Ebenezer Scrooge’s favourite time of the year, Greenwich Mean Time. This brief post serves as a reminder to anyone who has forgotten about the temporal adjustment due to spending too little time in real Euclidean 3-space. Of course, if you, like Joseph Myers, have a radio-controlled watch, then there is absolutely no need to worry.

I’d like to thank everyone for the flurry of comments on the previous post. Amongst the posters was Erik Demaine, the youngest person to be accepted as a professor at MIT (at the age of just 20 years!).

Last, but by no means least, happy (integer!) birthday to Vishal. He requested a text-only version of the chess cipher, so I hope this suffices as a birthday present. If you would like your birthday mentioning on cp4space, let me know and I’ll make a note of it.

Update: I’ve repaired the broken link to the text-only chess cipher by placing it on instead of Google Drive.

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