It’s Guy Fawkes Night now and I’ve had to update the seasonal banner yet again. There are a few late items of news I would like to mention:

Firstly, thanks go to everyone who has sent me feedback regarding MODA; I have been making amendments and intend to publish the final version in a few weeks’ time. As such, the Acknowledgements section is gradually inflating.

Secondly, the UK MOG champion and ice skater Maria Holdcroft has successfully solved the chess cipher. She can now add cryptanalysis to her growing list of accomplishments.

Finally, I leave you with this group theory problem I devised and later solved:

Suppose F is a subgroup of G, which is in turn a subgroup of H. If F is isomorphic to H, must G be necessarily isomorphic to F and H?

Clearly, the ‘Subgroup Sandwich’ statement is trivially true for finite groups. Does it remain true for infinite groups?

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