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Cipher 28: Irrationality II

This one is essentially a sequel to the fourth cp4space cipher. I imagine that solving this one should be strictly harder for the vast majority of people. JYTFZJOHU. UKJG FJGHGTU GXQN JIV CSIFKIZTUQX ED VTOVH AIG FVOVJOGFE GUBDBJPP PL QJ, FU QSQQWIT … Continue reading

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Words in summation convention

In Einstein summation convention, repeated indices are summed over. For example, . If a Kronecker delta has two different suffices, we can ‘contract’ them as follows: , whereas . Vishal Patil considered contracting English words in this manner. For example, … Continue reading

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Background Problem I

Sam Cappleman-Lynes noticed the seemingly remarkable fact that at least one of the interior angles of a triangle being equal to π/3 is equivalent to the linear relation between the semiperimeter, circumradius and inradius. He provided a clever synthetic solution, and I … Continue reading

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