A year of cp4space

I am proud to announce that Complex Projective 4-Space is celebrating its first anniversary today. This is an excellent opportunity to quantitatively summarise what has happened on cp4space in the last year:

  • Complex Projective 4-Space has been viewed 104125 times since its conception, with 3304 of those being on the 18th August (i.e. last Sunday). The United Kingdom topped the list with 43454 views, with America in close second (27746 views). The top 25 countries are displayed below. Hungary is surprisingly low in 25th place, when one considers that it was a discussion in Hungary several years ago that led to the creation of cp4space.


  • There have been 41 ciphers and 33 distinct solvers, with a total of 236 ordered pairs of (cipher, person who has solved that cipher). Stuart Gascoigne is currently ahead, with Joseph Myers and Sam Cappleman-Lynes previously controlling that position.
  • This is the 200th article. Two of the articles were guest posts by James Cranch and Gabriel Gendler; the remaining 198 were written by me.
  • Recently, cp4space acquired a Facebook page as recommended by James Aaronson and Vishal Patil.

To celebrate the anniversary, I have been informed that Maria Holdcroft is making cp4space gingerbread men. I’ll upload photographs thereof as soon as possible.

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0 Responses to A year of cp4space

  1. Scott Walker says:

    Congrats on the milestone! I’ve mostly come for the ciphers, since I’m not a mathematician, but I find this blog very interesing. Thanks for providing some very challenging puzzles, although not so much thanks for the obsession that goes along with trying to solve them.

  2. wojowu says:

    Wow, Poland is exactly one view ahead of Australia. I love trying to solve your ciphers, even though usually I fail to do so.
    Which blog post was James Cranch’s?

  3. Sam Cappleman-Lynes says:

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday cp4space,
    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Vital Struj says:

    Congratulations! And thank you very much for your work.

  5. Andrew Carlotti says:

    How many views have there been from Colombia? And do you have statistics comparing Cambridge to the rest of the UK?

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