Cipher 26: Spaced out

In many of the previous ciphers, the spaces between words have been omitted to increase difficulty. However, this results in a distinct loss of information. One such example is the following hashtag referring to my forthcoming birthday gathering (entitled Adam P’s Exposition). Unfortunately, the lack of spaces or punctuation results in the prospect of it being accidentally misread as ‘a damp …’:


Incidentally, it’s this weekend and you’re all more than welcome to either attend the main celebration at Trinity or host a parallel party elsewhere. Using the hashtag #adampsexposition as liberally as possible is highly commendable.

Returning to the topic, an extreme case is where all of the information is encoded in the spacing! The programming language Whitespace (which celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this month) consists entirely of spaces, tabs and carriage returns, so programs appear completely invisible. On this theme, Zdeněk Buk used his initiative in a Mathematica programming contest where white space didn’t contribute to the character limit; his entry rendered an image of Stephen Wolfram from data stored in this format:

Anyway, here is the cipher:

 F   D  E  J   F    L   D  T    E D  V    I    V    M   V T
 I  K   I U   H    H C    C   W   K    I  P    Y  O    F  G
    V P G    W    T  C    G    I   V Q    V   H  E   H E    M
    R    K  K    X  V  J    I Q    E   V T    A  Q S  F J   V
 W   D   F  W P  W  U

The password, as usual, is in lowercase.

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