Cipher 64: Sic transit gloria Monday

Firstly, I have a few late items of news to discuss:

  • Maria Holdcroft (former UK EGMO team member) and I survived our skydive on Wednesday, and have so far raised in excess of £886.77 (a large portion of which is from cp4space readers!) for the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. A video of the freefall component of my jump is available; you may also want to visit the Facebook page. I’ll be writing the cheque to the SCI imminently, so if you want to support the cause (saving children in Africa from parasitic infections) then please e-mail me as soon as possible. If you happen to enjoy watching people jump out of aeroplanes, then you may want to watch this video of my friend Mehr, who partially inspired me.
  • Today we marked the First Selection Test to decide the preliminary UK IMO squad who will be attending further training sessions in Oundle. The team for the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad will also be announced shortly on Joseph Myers’ website, but until then I’m sworn to secrecy. Congratulations, nonetheless, to our newly-appointed squad of Joe Benton, Gabriel Gendler, Frank Han, Liam Hughes, Freddie Illingworth, Andrew Kenyon-Roberts, Warren Li, Neel Nanda and Harvey Yau for their excellent performance in the selection tests, and good luck in South Africa.
  • Also, I would like to draw attention to the final of University Challenge between Trinity College, Cambridge, and Somerville College, Oxford. As with the results of the IMO selection tests, I shall not reveal the scores…

Anyway, I suppose I should provide a cipher since we are rapidly approaching a Tuesday in the middle of Season III.


The password is eight letters long.

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