Cipher 69: A void

Before this week’s cipher, I have a few late items of news:

  • Professor Stephen Hawking has recently committed a Eugenia Cheng, publishing a formula for the perfect penalty shootout.
  • There is a biographical movie about Srinivasa Ramanujan, unsurprisingly entitled Ramanujan, currently pending release.
  • It is apparently rumoured that someone may have possibly surpassed Arran Fernandez and the protagonist of Nikita Lalwani’s bestseller, Gifted, in terms of premature matriculation, being the youngest undergraduate at Cambridge since William Pitt the Younger.


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2 Responses to Cipher 69: A void

  1. John Harris says:

    Nikita Lalwani’s character Rumi Vasi went to Oxford, where at 15 she matriculated much older than Ruth Lawrence. At Cambridge, Trinity turned Lawrence down for being so young, although ironically a future Master of Trinity, Michael Atiyah, was her tutor at Oxford. I do not know whether she approached any other Cambridge colleges. Calum Macleod of Corpus Christi recently got a 2.2 in Part II at Cambridge, where he matriculated younger than 2013 Senior Wrangler Arran Fernandez.

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