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Down to 285278

After Zhang established the result that there are infinitely many pairs of primes separated by at most 70000000, there has been a massively collaborative effort to reduce this bound. The efforts are concentrated on developing methods to strengthen each of three … Continue reading

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Johnson solids

In 1966, Norman Johnson completely classified all of the strictly convex polyhedra with regular polygonal faces. It is a remarkable fact, but not too difficult to prove, that there are precisely two infinite families (the prisms and antiprisms), together with a large … Continue reading

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The Not-Very-Random-At-All Graph

This is a guest post by Gabriel Gendler. As such, any views expressed in this post do not reflect the views of Complex Projective 4-Space or of Adam P. Goucher. In a recent post Adam P. Goucher recommended that readers adopt the … Continue reading

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Integral banana

I have received numerous complaints (from the same person) that some of the content on cp4space is completely ridiculous. Of course, posting more serious mathematics would not solve the issue, since it would not alter the fact that, on cp4space, … Continue reading

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Iterated automorphism groups

This was inspired by a discussion with James Aaronson outside the Chapel. We were contemplating group theory and automorphisms (specifically, trying to determine whether there exists a group of size strictly larger than with only two automorphisms), and eventually considered the … Continue reading

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